Glaston is an industry-leading company committed to delivering technologies and services for the manufacturing of the world’s best heat-treated glass. Our machines are used to create high-quality glass for use in architectural, solar, appliance and automotive applications.

Our portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of heat treatment machines and services. In addition to excellent end product quality, our machines are known for providing superior reliability in operations and a high level of energy efficiency.

Technological excellence combined with dedicated support and services gives our customers a competitive edge in their business.
We have a strong sales, service and manufacturing presence around the globe with production on three different continents and a sales presence in more than 20 locations. Glaston currently employs approximately 500 people in addition to a worldwide network of partners and distributors.

We are committed to our customers’ continued success across the entire lifecycle of our offering. When we make a promise of a clear and visible difference in glass quality, we see it through.